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Children with disabilities in developing countries are often neglected and living isolated from society. They are less likely to access education and basic healthcare. Their disability puts them at a higher risk of abuse and growing up in poverty.

S4S UK works towards equal rights of children with disabilities. We are committed to improve the lives of these children and their families by working together with local partners. We do this by providing support for training, technical expertise and funding for programmes that aim to strengthen the position of children with disabilities in their communities. Together with our partners we create lasting change.

The programmes we support focus on:
- Creating access to healthcare and rehabilitation services, adapted physical activity, provision of medication and assistive devices;
- Creating access to quality formal and non-formal education;
- Educating families on dealing with disability and creating opportunities to develop their livelihoods;
- Raise awareness about disability and the importance of early identification in local communities;
- Reducing barriers in communication, information and physical accessibility in local communities.

Throughout the interaction with our partners we monitor the impact of the programs we support. This enables us to achieve the most through our investments.

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