Advisor - Simon P. Messenger

Simon is a Sustainability & Climate Change consultant in London. He has experience conducting large scale business transformation programmes in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and of managing large global teams.

Prior to this, Simon worked as President of his University's Sports Union, as National Development Manager for a Scottish Sports Governing Body and has held 50 sports club/national governing bodies committee positions over the last 10 years, for which he won a number of awards.

Simon is fluent to a mother-tongue standard in both English and French, and has published a book on economics.

He has been working with S4S since the beginning of 2011, having first got involved when our partner organisation in Zimbabwe won the ‘Best New Project’ award with Beyond Sport. As part of the engagement, he came out to Mutare, Zimbabwe to see the work in action on the ground. He has since stayed on as an Advisory Board Member: ‘I have stayed involved as I remain hugely impressed by the impact S4S UK has on so many lives with so few resources – they are truly inspirational and anything I can do to contribute to their development and success is a great pleasure!’

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