Board Member - Daniel Simons

Daniel is an Assistant Headteacher at Trewirgie Junior School in Cornwall. He became aware of the work of S4S UK when he was approached to organise a fundraiser at his school. Daniel saw potential for collaboration and welcomed the opportunity to introduce Cornish children to the work carried out by S4S UK and the power that sport, positivity and passion can have in transforming people’s lives.

‘I have always been a keen sportsman and benefitted from the opportunities that an active lifestyle can create. As a teacher, my life is spent trying to open children’s eyes to possibilities and encouraging them to make choices that will benefit both themselves and others.’

Daniel urges children to ask questions about the world around them and challenge the established ways of doing things. For children to make a difference in the world they will inhabit as adults, they need to respect the past but also be innovative and able to keep up with the changes that life throws at us. 'S4S UK encapsulates this and I wholeheartedly support its aims to challenge perspectives and change lives. The fact that sport is used as a vehicle for social change increased my desire to be involved. In the UK, participation in sport can provide children with an arena to develop life skills that will benefit them long into adulthood. From what I have seen, the work of S4S UK in countries like Zimbabwe utilises this same power to transform lives.’ 

Daniel will be key in launching educational initiatives and fundraising events in schools across the UK. He strives to encourage children in the UK to embrace the challenge and realise the positive impact that they can have on the lives of others thousands of miles away.

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