Board Treasurer - Simbah Mutasa

Simbah has been working in Mergers and Acquisitions across Africa and Europe for over 8 years. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe, following which he completed his university and graduate studies at the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge respectively.

Raised with a clear understanding and appreciation that from opportunity comes a greater responsibility, Simbah has a strong sense of appreciation for the importance of creating enabling environments.

Simbah is passionate about the work that S4S UK is currently undertaking: 'I strongly believe in the importance of creating an environment in which people with disabilities have equal rights and are afforded equivalent chances as everyone else. I am excited to be part of S4S UK as they give children with disabilities a platform to be part of something greater than themselves.'

Simbah joined the S4S UK family in September 2014 and currently works in Johannesburg.

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