Our Values

We focus on creating sustainable change. We are independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations, and we are committed to a set of values which guide our work:

Social model of disability
We use the social model of disability, which strives for equality. We focus on the changes needed in society, including; changing attitudes, provision of social support, provision of information, and improvement of physical structures.

Rights based approach
We take a rights based approach to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

Locally driven
We strongly believe that change should be locally driven, and the voice of disabled children and their families should inform all our interventions. The knowledge and experience of our partner organisations' local staff and volunteers is also key to the programmes.

We do not hand out money or goods. We aim to advocate for the equality of disabled children and their families and to strengthen the capacity of our local partners, local professionals and communities.

Focus on children
We focus on children because this is where we believe we can achieve the biggest change. We also believe in the importance of the social environment of the child and the need to include families and communities in our approach.

Investment in people
We believe that long-term, sustainable change can only be achieved through investment in people. Therefore, we focus on strengthening the capacity of local professionals and communities.

We actively seek collaboration with those who share our vision. Through strategic partnerships we will be able to create lasting change on a broader scale.

Evidence and learning
We will ensure we make progress and changes the lives of children with disabilities and their families. We will capture data, measure change and share the lessons we have learned.

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