Frequently Asked Questions

Why does S4S UK focus on children?
We believe that this is where we can achieve the biggest change. But, in order to bring about this change we include the social environment of the child; families, communities and service provides. That way we can create the most favourable conditions for sustainable change.

How is S4S UK funded?
The majority of our funding comes through grant making organisations, such as Foundations and Trusts. We also receive funding through online fundraising appeals, private donors and community fundraising events.

Does S4S UK focus on a particular disability?
No, we support programmes for children with all types of disabilities. We put the individual needs of the child and the family first, these often are similar regardless the type of disability. However, we do recognise that the type of disability can have an impact on the services needed. We have a network that we can reach out to for specific interventions and support in case we require so.

Why does S4S UK use both terms disabled children and children with disabilities?
The terminology regarding disability is not completely clear, neither is the use of both terms. We prefer to use the term 'children with disabilities', but we do use the term 'disabled children' for better readability of certain texts.

One of S4S UK's values is the use of a 'Rights Based Approach'. What does this mean?
In our work we focus on the execution of equal rights and opportunities for children with disabilities and their families. This means that we empower them to claim their rights, whilst at the same time lobby with service providers to uphold equal services and assistance to these children and their families.

One of S4S UK's values is the use of the 'Social Model of Disability'. What does this mean?
The social model of disability explains that a disability is caused by barriers in society, rather than by a person’s impairment. Disability occurs in the interaction between a person, his or her functional ability and the environment they live in. The social model focuses on the changes needed in society to improve the situation. When these changes occur and barriers are removed, people with disabilities will be able to become independent and equal in society, enabling them to have choices and control over their own lives.

I would like to donate clothes, toys or other items. Is this possible?
In principal we do not accept donations of clothing or toys. Under strict regulations we sometimes accept rehabilitation equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, balls, weights and other items. Whether we can accept the in-kind donation also depends on where the donation comes from, and the need of our partner organisation(s). It is costly and time consuming to import goods into certain developing countries. In case you would like to make an in-kind donation please do contact us.

I would like to donate money to S4S UK. How could I do this?
We accept once off or recurring donations. We encourage donations through the online platform JustGiving to which we are a partner. In case you have any questions about making a donation or a previous donation made, please contact us.

Does S4S UK have 
any political affiliation?
No, we do not have any political affiliation.

Does S4S UK have a religious affiliation?
No, we do not have any religious affiliation.

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