For Corporates - Get Involved

Working together with the corporate sector helps us to continue our work towards equal rights and opportunities for children with disabilities in developing countries. As a corporate partner you can be involved by providing your expertise to our organisation and programmes, whilst financial supports helps to sustain our work.

Corporate partner benefits

Some of the benefits that you can achieve as a corporate partner:
- Meet your CSR objectives;
- Gain more visibility and new audiences through our platforms;
- Reward your staff by allowing them time to be involved in our work in the UK or in the countries we work;
- Use fundraising activities as a means of team building.

How to be involved

Charity of the Year
Nominate us as charity of the year and involve us in your activities.

Sponsor our programmes and get your brand associated to our organisation.

Payroll giving
Encourage employees to give regularly and tax free.

Employee engagement
Encourage employees to volunteer with us and increase their motivation on the work floor.


Contact us to discuss opportunities for your company to get involved with us and change the lives of disabled children. 

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