Fundraising Ideas and Support

Would you like to support the work of S4S UK in Zimbabwe through your own unique fundraising activity? You can organise an event at school, in your community, at work or at home. No matter how big or small your fundraiser, your support will make a difference in the lives of the children with disabilities we work with.

Here are some suggestions for your fundraising

Physical challenges
Get involved in running a race. No matter if it is 10 km, a full marathon, a triathlon or a walk, you could raise money by letting people sponsor you for your challenge. 

Birthdays, weddings and new born babies
Is it your birthday, are you getting married or are you expecting a baby in the near future? Why not include us on your gift wish list, on invitations and announcements? Instead of a present ask your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to us.

Pub Quiz
Get your friends, colleagues and acquaintances together and organise a pub quiz in your favourite pub. You can charge an entry fee and ask for donations to support the evening. We can provide you with questions for the quiz.

Collection tins
You can place collection tins at your local shop, at your office or sport club and encourage people to donate small change.

Bake sales
Bake your favourite cupcakes, muffins, koeksisters or brownies and sell them to your family, friends or colleagues. 

Movie nights
Pick your favourite movie, organise some snacks and invite your friends for a fun movie night. You can charge them a small entry fee or ask for donations.

Come Dine with Me Dinner Night
Organise a come dine with me dinner night and surprise your friends with your culinary skills. You can charge an entry fee or ask for donations. We can assist you with some typical Zimbabwean recipes.

Auctions and Garage Sales
You can sell goods, clothes and shoes you no longer need during an auction or garage sale and donate the proceeds.

Bag packing
Visit your local supermarket and ask if you can pack the grocery bags for customers in exchange for a small donation.

Of course there could be many more fundraising ideas. Please do not hesitate to let your creativity flow and get in touch.

How we can support your event

We can provide:
- A digital fundraising package, containing: a briefing of S4S UK and our activities, a photo presentation and links to download and show our informative videos.
- Promotion of your event on our social media pages to raise awareness.
- Depending on the type of event and the timing we can provide posters and flyers.

Tell us about your ideas for your event

Send an email and get us involved!

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