Give As You Live

Make free donations to S4S UK with your regular online shopping.

S4S UK is listed with Give As You Live. Many stores, airlines and hotels are affiliated to Give As You Live. They make a free donation to S4S UK for every purchase made on their websites and apps. Really, donating to S4S UK has never been so easy and it does not cost you anything extra!

Which shops are listed?
There are over 3800 stores listed on Give As You Live. Some of the most popular participants are: British Airways, Tesco, KLM, Amazon, The Times, Flybe, Waitrose, John Lewis, M&S, Itunes app & store, B&Q, Curry’s, Hilton Honours, Asda, Staples, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Just Eat, Domino’s, Virgin Trains, WH Smith,, Post Office, and many, many more. Have a look today and see if your favourite stores are affiliated.

How do you I get started?
1. Sign up to Give As You Live with your Facebook or email.
2. You will receive a verification email to confirm your registration and the cause you have chosen.
3. Once you have confirmed you can start your online shopping.

How do I make sure that money gets donated to S4S UK through any of my online purchases?
1. Install the shopping bar for the Internet browser on your computer. A very handy tool that, once installed, pops up when you visit an online store affiliated to Give As You Live. This way you automatically get reminded that you can make purchases which are eligible for a donation to S4S UK.
2. Install the Give As You Live app for Apple or Android on your phone and/or tablet.
3. Visit the Give As You Live website, log in and search for your favourite store and they redirect you to the respective store, whilst tracking your eligible purchase.

How much will my favourite stores donate to S4S UK?
This depends on each individual store. You can check this for each store on the Give As You Live website.

Can I keep track of how much I have raised for S4S UK?
Yes, you sure can keep track of how much each online purchase are raised for S4S UK. Simply go to your personal page and check if all your purchases are there. If not, you can also claim missing purchases.

Let us know if you face any challenges. Happy shopping!

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