Leave A Gift In Your Will

Your will is a very important document as it lays out what will happen with your money and possessions upon your death. Often people find this a difficult topic to think about it, but it is important to organise this well so that you can take care of the people who are close to you. It also allows you to leave a gift to projects and organisations which are close to your heart.

Include S4S UK in your will 

Have you thought about including a gift to S4S UK in your will? You can for example donate money or goods which you feel that will contribute to our vision. When leaving a financial gift you could decide to contribute it to a specific programme or activity. A gift in your will contributes to our sustainability and changes the lives of disabled children in the countries we work.

There are various ways you can decide to include a gift to S4S UK in your will. For more information please contact us.  

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