Volunteer Testimonials

Are you considering to become a volunteer? Read the stories from previous volunteers!

'My greatest hope is that my short time with S4S in Zimbabwe was enough to allow the warmth and energy of the children, parents and staff to rub off on me and become part of who I am. I feel that this alone will demonstrate far better than any words I can string together the kind of organisation S4S is, and the experience it has awarded me with.'
Jacqueline, volunteer, Zimbabwe

'It is great that S4S has opened up physical education programmes for children with disabilities. They also do after school programmes to encourage children who are fully able to come play too. They use sport to teach them about social inclusion, gender equity, hygiene and how to be an empowered person! I can humbly say that I have learned more from them than they did from our workshop lessons. With Coaches Across Continents we came in to provide training on soccer and life skills to S4S coaches, teachers in the Primary Schools they work with and the caregivers of children wih disabilities in the programme. This week was one of the most amazing weeks of my entire life.'
Danielle, volunteer Coaches Across Continents, Zimbabwe 

‘It was a pleasure to be involved with S4S. They are on the frontline of making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families who really need assistance, and it is very rewarding to see how much pleasure the activities bring. For many of these children, S4S transforms their lives. That really is not overstating things. In your free time, Mutare is a great base for exploring some of the natural beauty of Zimbabwe. The whole experience is a cut above simply being a tourist. I enjoyed it so much, I am going back again!’
Dave, Volunteer Accounting for International Development (AFiD), Zimbabwe 

'During my stay with S4S in Zimbabwe, it was wonderful to combine office work in the mornings with going into the field in the afternoons. The two activities really complemented each other: it is incredibly motivating and necessary to get to know the children whom I wrote about in letters and reports. I am grateful to S4S for taking me on board for a while. It gave me the opportunity to get to know what it is like to be living and working in a country that is so different from my own. I encountered new persons and situations almost every day, which was a great and enriching experience. Because the organisation is relatively small, you become a part of the team soon, and as such I learned about the challenges a NGO faces on a daily basis, and ways to negotiate these not as a bystander but as a team-member was very inspiring. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, and S4S founder Isabelle knows exactly where you should go. I am sure she is very willing to advise you on any trips you want to undertake to experience the beautiful nature and wildlife the country has to offer.'
Willemijn Krebbekx, volunteer, Zimbabwe

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