Mountain Lions selected for national team

Mountain Lions selected for national team

In early April, the Mountain Lions took part in the Paralympic Games of Zimbabwe. This year the Games were held in Gwanda, a town in the south of Zimbabwe . The games were, as we could have expected, very badly organised. Unfortunately the transport did not show up at the last moment , and for a moment it seemed the months of training had all been for nothing. But thanks to support from our partner the Games 4 Good Foundation the team made it in time to Gwanda.

Unfortunately other teams were not as lucky after Government transport was cancelled at the last minute, and soon after arrival they found out that only two teams made it to the Games. The Mountain Lions played two games against the senior team of Bulawayo. They lost 28-10 and won 13-12. Because of this they ended second place in the tournament. But the players were very proud! And they have all the right to be! They gave the senior Bulawayo team a good run for their money.

During the Paralympic Games three players of the Mountain Lions have been selected for the national team. Soon we will hear more about what this will mean for them.

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