Partner Testimonials

'Mutare is a different place, thanks to the efforts of S4S. They have done a lot to alleviate discrimination and stimulate social inclusion of children with disabilities. Parents are now able to bring out their children. And the children have gained self-esteem and confidence. Only S4S has the capacity to bring together communities and children with disabilities and their families.'
Donald Chauke, Mercy Corps, Zimbabwe

'Only S4S has the capacity to organise and mobilise families of children with disabilities. This skill is lacking in other organisations. You can achieve nothing if a child isn’t accepted by the immediate family.'
Greaterman Chivandire, Liliane Fonds, Zimbabwe

‘S4S’ concept has the potential to help more children in other parts of the country. The organisation needs to consider expanding, starting with the whole of Manicaland Province, then spreading to other provinces.'
Leonard Cheshire, Zimbabwe

'Their focus on inclusiveness through sport and games is unique and relevant to the needs of children with disabilities. I think S4S realises, unlike most organisations, that disabled children have talents and abilities that need to be developed, which is commendable.'
Mercy Corps, Zimbabwe

S4S really is a beneficiary driven organisation; they use the input of beneficiaries and put their needs in front. Some other organisations are just implementing their programme, without ever wondering about the target group. But S4S thinks inside-out instead of the other way around.'
Aaron Chikuni, Nzeve Deaf Centre Mutare, Zimbabwe

'S4S is an organisation that is targeting people living with disabilities to enhance their inclusion and improve livelihood through participation in sports related activities. They use sports as a way to bring the community together for the betterment of the target group.'
Mr. Berejena, Sports and Recreation Commission, Zimbabwe

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