How - Our Theory Of Change

Our strategic phase 2015-18 has been developed around our Theory of Change. We believe this approach has enabled us to develop a strategy based on the long-term changes we want to see. It enables us to visualise how change will happen and how we will measure and demonstrate this. We recognise that it is important to unpack and question the assumptions that guide our interventions.

In our Theory of Change we have worked back from our long-term outcome (the change we want to see) through intermediate outcomes (what is needed for this change to happen), indicators (how do we know if change has happened) and lastly the activities.

When developing our Theory of Change we have identified certain issues which we believe to be true but which will need further investigation and testing; the assumptions. Assumptions can simply be explained using the following example: ‘we assume that if A happens, B will follow’. These assumptions will be tested throughout our strategic phase. The testing will be part of our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework and we will use methodologies such as Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), interviews, observations and desk research.

  Theory of Change visualisation

 ABC = Able-bodied children / APA = Adapted Physical Activity / CWD = Children with disabilities / NGO = Non Governmental Organisation

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