Formal and Non-Formal Education

Children with disabilities in Zimbabwe are less likely to attend school. Often caregivers are not aware of the possibilities for their child to attend school. Or the child is in need of assistive devices. Once in school there are various barriers that prohibit the children to fully benefit from their educational experience.

Educational assessments

We provide support for children with disabilities to be assessed by the School Psychological Services and Special Needs Department (SPS/SNE) under the Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. During this assessment an educational psychologist evaluates the child and makes recommendations for placement in a mainstream school, a special class or a special school. We assists with the referral of children to SPS/SNE and provide support to caregivers and schools so that children can be enrolled.

Training of formal and non-formal education staff

Project period: 2015
Area:                 12 schools in Mutare District
Target:              40 teachers and 150 children with disabilities
Reached:          36 teachers and 260 children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are often left out of physical education lessons and sport activities in their schools. By failing to participate in these activities children do not connect with their able-bodied peers and they miss out on the positive effects physical activity has on their physical functionality and mobility. Physical activities can teach children important life skills. We have developed an inclusive adapted physical activity toolkit. We support training of formal and non-formal education providers to use this toolkit and organise inclusive, adapted physical activity. After the training we provide support for mentorships to the education providers and we provide support to monitor their activities with disabled and able-bodied children.

School based disability awareness

Project Period: 2015
Area:                 10 Schools in Mutare District
Target:              1500 able-bodied children and 125 teachers
Reached:          10,095 able-bodied children and 248 teachers

Raising awareness about disability in schools, aimed at teachers and able-bodied pupils, helps to reduce stigma and discrimination and contributes to a better learning environment for children with disabilities. We support the organisation of disability awareness campaigns that include presentations about prevalence of disability, highlights myths and facts about disability in Zimbabwe, covers child protection issues and has a drama activity performed by caregivers and youths with disabilities.

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