Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change

We believe in the power of sport for disability awareness and the promotion of inclusion. We prefer to use the term ‘adapted physical activity’ as it encompasses sport activities and games adjusted to the abilities of the participants.

The power of sport

Physical activities are part of each child’s development. Involvement in sport and games can teach respect, acceptance and promote teamwork. It builds self-esteem and confidence, and provides children with a platform to showcase their abilities and achievements. Inclusion in adapted physical activities leads to better understanding and friendship between children with and without disabilities. Sport also increases physical strength and fitness, and therefore can complement the medical rehabilitation of children with disabilities. It can be used as a tool to teach topics such as life skills, health awareness, gender equity and other relevant topics in children's development.

Sport is increasingly recognised and used as a low-cost and high-impact tool in development and peace-building efforts by the UN and NGOs.

Community Adapted and Inclusive Activity Programme

Project period:     2013-2015
Location:              Mutare Urban
Target:                  260 disabled youth and children
Reached to date: 307 disabled youth and children with 10,648 interventions

We stimulate and support the use of adapted physical activity in various projects. We support  In community projects that are inclusive of disabled and able-bodied children and that teach curriculums on health, HIV/AIDS prevention, disability and life skills. We support the training of community leaders; youth with disabilities who become session volunteers and role models to other disabled children in their communities.

Wheelchair Basketball

Project period:     2013-2015
Location:              Mutare Urban
Target:                  20 youth with disabilities
Reached to date: 36 disabled youth and children with 1085 interventions

We support the wheelchair basketball team 'Mountain Lions' with the development of their club and participation in national and local competitions.

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