Network for Children with Disabilities Zimbabwe

Our local partner Support for Socialisation in Zimbabwe is co-founder and member of the Network for Children with Disabilities Zimbabwe (NCDZ). This initiative aims to increase the recognition of the rights of children living with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

More in specific the NCDZ main objectives are:

  • To provide a platform for organisations working with children with disabilities.
  • To strengthen the collaboration of organisations working with children living with disabilities, through coordinated advocacy and mainstreaming of children with disabilities into society.
  • To improve the capacity of member organisations.
  • To improve the financial sustainability of services for children living with disabilities.
  • To raise awareness in society regarding children living with disabilities throughout Zimbabwe.

Past activities include:

  • Development of the handbook 'EVERYBODY IS WELCOME, ZIMBABWE'S INCLUSIVE EDUCATION SYSTEM'. Our Founder contributed to the coordination of the development of this handbook and the chapters; 'Adapted and Inclusive Physical Activity' and 'Social Inclusion in Zimbabwe'.
  • Disability awareness workshops for NGOs working on child protection programmes.

For more information about this network or its activities, please contact us.

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